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Official Title Search

  • Step 1

    download an application for title search below

  • Step 2

    fill out the form and print

  • Step 3

    visit us at our location

  • Step 4

    pay a small fee

  • Step 5

    collect a detailed report on the title

How do I search for a land title?

You may visit the Land Registry office to conduct an investigation on the owner or owners of a particular parcel of Land. A filled form and your identification card will be required. You will be issued an official report with all information on proprietorship and encumbrances pertaining to the requested parcel of land.

What documents do I need?

1. Completed Application Form. 2. One (1) copy of identification such as passport, driver's licence, or ID card


An estimated 24 hours maximum for processing


$10 per parcel of land

Payment Methods

We only accept cash payments.

Contact Us

General Office: +592 223-1988

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