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Register A Mutation

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What is a mutation?

Also called a subdivision, is an area of land divided into plots for sale.

What documents do I need?

1. Letter of consent from registered owner 2. Letter of consent from surveyor 3. Letter of No-Objection from M&CC or NDC 4. Copy of Sketch plan Copy of Title 5. Certified copy of Power of Attorney (if necessary) 6. Certified copy of Letters of Administration or Probate (if deceased) 7. Certified copy of Order of Court (if necessary)


An estimated 5 working days maximum for processing


1. Registration fee - ¼ of 1% of the value 2. Assurance fund – ⅒ of 1% of the value 3. Certificate - $30

Payment Methods

We only accept cash payments.

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+592 223-1970